2013: all about video and mobile?

I saw this blog focused on social media marketing resolutions we should all make for 2013 and it intrigued me in two quite different ways.

First on the way I disagree. The author suggests that anyone watching his or her online footprint needs to start learning some basic HTML coding. I don’t think this is necessary in a world where every online toolkit operates in a plug and play fashion. Sure, some HTML knowledge can help if you are writing a blog and can’t figure out why text is moving around to places you don’t expect, but as a skill for marketing experts to understand – I think it has had its day and can be left to the programmers.

But the author mentions two topics that are very relevant:

  1. Mobile
  2. Video

The amount of people browsing the Internet by mobile phone or tablet has soared in the past couple of years. It is now impossible to ignore. If your website or online experience is only designed for people at computers with full-size screens then it not just something to think about – you need to urgently consider how people are viewing your service because it’s already more often on a phone screen.

Video is becoming a far more useful resource and as 4G mobile becomes more prevalent it will become normal. This applies to blogs, customer support, and promotion for various services. Video is becoming easier to create and produce and is far more popular than text – we plan to use a lot more on our own blog next year.

What changes do you see taking place in the way companies present themselves and do you think that video and mobile sums up the important focus areas for 2013?

some cell phones in my house


Photo by Sean Salmon licensed under Creative Commons

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