Customer service is changing fast – can you keep up?

It’s always nice to see my own photo in the press, but somehow it’s even better when it is the regional media – our local paper in Bristol – and they are pointing out how important Teleperformance is to the local economy.

Despite the friendly tone of this report there is a serious side to the story – our industry is changing, and not changing, at the same time and it’s worth pointing this out because the media can often tell a one-sided story on contact centres.

Contact centres – with voice support – are still essential. Many of the mistakes made over the past decade by big firms underestimating the importance of that initial contact with a brand are behind us. Companies really have understood that the contact centre is a place that can make or break their brand – it is worth investing in great customer support.

But the way customers want to interact with brands is becoming diverse. Just look at the retail landscape for an idea of how fast things are changing. People can use their phones and tablets to check prices, compare products, and discuss their options with people who have already purchased the product.

Customer service has moved on from just being a freephone number printed on the side of a product. It is now a more holistic support process that might involve discussing a product with a customer on Twitter, or answering a post on a Facebook page, or taking a call even before a purchase is made.

As the Bristol Post article said, we have been growing steadily over the past year, but we can’t rest on our laurels. Customers are changing and we are working hard to make sure we are changing with them.

Clifton Suspension Bridge


Photo by Hariprasath Raajaraajan licensed under Creative Commons

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