The best social media campaigns of 2012

After all the hype, 2012 has been an enormous year in the world of social media – it’s not wonder that we have spent so much time this year analysing how customers are now demanding service using this channel.

Just take a look at some of the latest statistics:

More than 1 billion active monthly users on Facebook, more than 175 million tweets per day, more than 104 million visits per month to Pinterest, and more than 4 billion hours of video watched on YouTube each month, social media is not just a channel that you need to explore in 2013, your customer service team should already be there.

And it’s not just the increasing customer service channel that is changing because of social media – entirely new businesses are being launched that would have been almost impossible to imagine before there was this free exchange of information.

Take the Dollar Shave Club as an example. It sounds like a joke – brand new men’s razors delivered to your door for $1 a month. The founders of this start up figured that they could source razors for a fraction of the cost men are used to paying – and then they could resell them at this low price and still make a profit.

So far it sounds like any standard business plan – buy low and sell for a little less than the competition. But they spent $4,500 making a funny video that outlines their business plan and released it to YouTube.

The video went viral and business poured into the company. In fact they recently received $10m in funding to start expanding their service internationally.

It demonstrates that we are no longer waiting for social media to arrive – it arrived this year and is now creating new channels for customers and entirely new businesses.

Dollar Shave Club - Welcome card with razor and blades


Photo by Todd Jordan licensed under Creative Commons

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