Am I a micromanager?

Who believes that they are a micromanager? The business magazines and books all tell us that it is wrong so you won’t see many people admitting to it, but with so many complaints we can be sure that the era of the micromanager is far from over.

But who is doing it? According to Forbes, we all are, just with differing levels of awareness.

I have a great team and I give them a lot of freedom so I don’t think I’m guilty of micromanagement, but the point of this article is to get managers at all levels to admit that it sometimes happens. Once you are aware of it, you can tackle the issue and hand over more control to subordinates.

This is the classic problem for any manager. The boss wants the team to perform, yet lumbers them with weekly status meetings and the requirement to send detailed reports, and cc every single email upwards. If you take a look at how the subordinate is spending their time, often as much time goes on reporting internally as it does working for the client. And all to soothe the anxiety of the boss who fears any less than perfect interaction with the client.

None of this is productive and means time is wasted by the team, who also resent that they need to endlessly spend time reporting on how they spend their time.

The Forbes comment should be enough to make any manager think, am I making life harder for my team by managing them too much?

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