Smartphone units to go past a billion in 2013

Welcome to 2013. There is an enormous amount of change ahead of us this year in the world of customer service and I’m particularly interested in the innovation we can expect to see.

Social media has been a strong focus for me over the past year, and it is an important change in how people relate to customer service. But I predict that this year will see an even bigger channel shift that involves the use of social platforms and mobile devices.

Deloitte just published a new report outlining their belief that over a billion smartphones will be sold this year. It will be the first time that global shipments of smartphones surpass one billion in a single year.

And as smartphones cease to be a luxury we can expect the use of social customer service channels to accelerate. Why? Because Internet use in general is going mobile. Many users rarely login to the Internet using a traditional computer now – preferring to handle their email and social networks all from a mobile device.

The smart phone has become an essential part of daily life for hundreds of millions – even billions – of people. So customer service channels need to evolve to not only incorporate social networks, but to also consider how the needs of mobile ‘always-on’ customers differ from those who used to send a message and could wait for a reply.



Photo by Xesc Arbona licensed under Creative Commons

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