Lego show how to deliver great customer service – with ninjas

It’s not often that I see a conversation playing out on Twitter that ends up being analysed by Forbes a few days later, but it just happened this week.

A seven-year-old British child lost one of his favourite Lego ‘Ninja’ figures when visiting a supermarket and emailed the company to ask if there was any way to replace the lost figure without having to buy an entire set.

Lego responded with a great email that was pitched directly at the child and they not only offered to replace the figure, but they wrote the email as if the ninja chief had been consulted.

In the past this would be the end of the story, one more satisfied customer. But the child’s father tweeted his delight at the quality of the Lego customer service team – with a link to the letter they sent.

Within minutes people were retweeting the story and sending this example of great customer service to everyone in their own network. Brand advocates were created from ordinary individuals who read about an example of great service and then told their own friends about the news – endorsing Lego in the process as a company worth interacting with.

Customer service has changed. Agents responding to customer complaints and enquiries today are not just handling enquiries in a vacuum. They are now handling sales, marketing, and customer service all combined. Brands investing in improved customer service need to consider how much value can be gained from these interactions – and how the opposite can easily occur if the service isn’t up to scratch.

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 1 Ninja vs. Castle Ninja

Photo by Chris Christian licensed under Creative Commons

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One Response to Lego show how to deliver great customer service – with ninjas

  1. Simon Apps says:

    Yes, Dad was very impressed. And more importantly so was the customer, Luka. 🙂

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