Focus on the long-term for success

Our group results for 2012 were just announced last week and I’m really pleased to say that they were very good indeed. The market may be more competitive than ever, but Teleperformance is doing well for a number of reasons.

We managed to achieve strong growth in both revenue and earnings above what we had targeted for the year making us the first company in the call center, business process outsourcing sector with a revenue above $3bn.

We managed to grow 6.9% organically last year and experienced fantastic growth in emerging markets, such as Latin America.

As I mentioned, there are several reasons for our success, not least that we are really good at what we do, but I think our long-term vision sets us apart from a great deal of the competition.

This can be seen in our commitment to social media. We don’t just blog here for the sake of adding a new marketing channel. The executive team are all using these new channels because we realize that the future of customer services lies in a multichannel environment that includes a strong social media element – that’s why you see our executive team on Twitter because they want to understand how the customers of our customers are behaving.

Our vision on executive leadership and continuity is also important. If you look at our results document, our founder and CEO Daniel Julien has outlined that he intends to stay on as leader for at least 2 or 3 more years, if not longer, to ensure a completely seamless transition to Paolo Cesar Vasques. PC runs our operation in Brazil and has made the Latin American organisation a great success. What’s great for us all – and the market analysts – is that there is a an open and transparent handover of power to the next generation of leadership. How many companies announce their new leader three years before he takes over?

And this is a company where the long-term is important. Our Citizen of the World and Citizen of the Planet programmes have involved all our people all over the world in engaging with their local communities and making a difference. So Teleperformance doesn’t just create jobs, it creates a positive impact in any community where we operate.

Our results show that you can invest in people and still make a profit.
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Photo by Dhilung Kirat licensed under Creative Commons

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