Teleperformance – the standout player of 2012

I’ve just written a blog here about our annual results and then I noticed a commentary from Peter Ryan of Ovum. Based in Canada, Peter is one of the leading global analysts in our field so it’s always interesting to hear his comments.

And he was remarkably positive about our numbers. His comments focused on some slow and steady growth across the sector – “encouraging, but not breathtaking” in his own words. But then he wrote this:

“In our view, the standout player in 2012 was Teleperformance, which increased its turnover by approximately 10% from its 2011 levels, and in doing so became the first pure-play contact center services provider to exceed annual revenues of $3bn, which is a remarkable accomplishment in an ever-competitive and price-sensitive industry.”

Of course it’s always good to see the analyst community writing great things about what we are doing, but Peter’s words emphasise exactly what I wrote about in my last blog. We are not just good at what we do – and therefore watching revenues increase – we take a long view and are constantly exploring where this industry is going.

Even if you look back three years there was almost no need for social customer service – this enormous channel-shift has taken place in 36 months. What will happen to customer expectations in the next three years? These are the questions we are constantly asking and exploring and it’s why I think we can maintain an edge in a very competitive market.

20 Exchange Place, Financial District, New York City


Photo by Andrew Mace licensed under Creative Commons

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