Nurturing your career with LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become a critical tool within the enterprise environment today and it’s not like most other social networks where parts of our life are blurred into a mix of home and work – with LinkedIn it is almost exclusively a corporate environment free of cat photos.

An enormous amount of hiring and research into new positions now takes place on LinkedIn alone and it’s obvious why. If you need a marketing expert in Manchester it is possible to filter people by skills and location and then to see if you have some mutual connections. Very useful when searching for new people and this often means that jobs are never even advertised.

This does mean that you need to think a little about how your LinkedIn profile looks. Even if you are not actively seeking a job, it might be that your skills match a job at your dream company and their HR director finds you online. But then your profile photo is one of you juggling glasses in a pub, or a picture of your dog instead of you.

This article in business magazine Forbes gives some great tips on how to think about the way your LinkedIn profile positions you. One of the interesting points made by Forbes is that you can actively manage your security settings so all your profile sprucing does not come across as you actively looking for a job.

You don’t need to be on the hunt for a particular job to want to tidy up your online footprint and with most jobs today never being advertised it’s important to ensure that if anyone out there does like your profile then you come across as professional and experienced as you possibly can be



Photo by Christopher Penn licensed under Creative Commons

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