Optimising Customer Experience in the Digital Era: CIAgenda

Last week Teleperformance UK hosted another event focused on exploring the way the entire customer service industry is changing. Titled ‘Optimising Customer Experience in the Digital Era’ the event analysed channel shift in the modern customer service environment. 

Phil Winters from CIAgenda was talking at our event about how to manage the ‘always on’ customer. This is an interesting problem because we often fail to appreciate just how much data is being created, swapped, and exchanged all the time by people who are customers of many organizations – all because people are more or less always online today.

Though 2015 is just two years away, Phil predicted that the number of connected devices with double by then. He also mentioned that by 2015 the amount of video content being uploaded each second would take over 5 years to sit and watch. We are creating content at an unprecedented rate.

All this information directly affects customer behaviour. With customers being always-on they can capture information, research products and services, compare prices, approach or contact companies for information, and purchase products – all using their mobile device and all on the move at any time.

All this information has created new touch-points that companies need to be aware of and an expectation of immediacy – customers expect information or service immediately.

He outlined the way that social media is changing the entire interaction between companies and customers – creating fans and communities. His key lessons were around the speed expectations, the quality of information offered, and how to build trust within a community.

Phil’s approach demonstrated that whether you are selling to end consumers or just to other businesses, the world of sales and customer service has changed beyond recognition in just a few short years.

Smartphone as Laptop Webcam


Photo by Intel Free Press licensed under Creative Commons

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