The omnichannel is becoming essential for all companies

A recent IDC blog by Leslie Hand explores some of the problems faced at retailer JCP in the US. Without going into detail on the problems this company faced or the recent departure of their CEO I was excited to note that IDC considers the omnichannel to now be a fundamental part of business strategy for any customer-facing brand.

Take a look at what the IDC blog says about what they feel JCP should be doing next to resolve their present issues:

“JCP should have executed a bit more like Macy’s, competing strongly year over year, always very cognizant of meeting market expectations while fully embracing omnichannel, and making very deliberate moves towards higher levels of omnichannel engagement. Macy’s, moving very visibly towards omnichannel, started with reorganizing the business around the omnichannel customer experience and building the supporting infrastructure.”

That’s four mentions of the omnichannel in the first couple of sentences!

I have been talking extensively about the omnichannel on my blog recently because I believe that 2013 will be the tipping point for this strategy as a part of a unified plan for customer service in all organizations. IDC has been publishing research on the omnichannel for five years now – as I mentioned in my last blog.

Five years ago was probably too early as it predates the flood of social media into the customer service space. The past couple of years have seen not only seen social customer service become normal and now the omnichannel is becoming a critical part of corporate strategy – not just something for the customer service team to worry about. The omnichannel has arrived.


Photo by Barbara licensed under Creative Commons

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