EOA Awards: Teleperformance wins 2013 CSR award!

One of the really important differences about Teleperformance compared to many other companies I have worked at is a genuine focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR).

CSR is a topic that is often managed like a marketing programme – a nice added extra, but not very critical. In Teleperformance we take a different approach. If we are going to operate successfully in 270 locations in 46 countries then we need to be an integral part of those communities – and that means more than just offering jobs.

Last week the European Outsourcing Association gave us their annual award for corporate social responsibility. We are really proud to win this award because the EOA is seen as one of the most independent trade bodies around – nobody pays to enter these awards and we were up against some giants in the service industry so this is a great award for the team.

Our Citizen of the Planet and Citizen of the World (COTW) programmes along with support for schemes such as the UN Global Compact define the way we do business. Our COTW programme has directly helped over 11.5m people since we started it in 2006 – that’s a lot of people helped by the efforts of the Teleperformance team.

It’s great to be recognised for what we are doing in the area of CSR, but this doesn’t change our strategy. We will remain focused on helping the communities and the environment in which we do business. If that means our team wins awards for their efforts above and beyond the business then thank you!

Mongolia. mazzaliarmadi.it landscape


Photo by Mazzali licensed under Creative Commons

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