Watching me, watching you, the online brand discussions

Brands today know that people are talking about them online. We know this at Teleperformance because some of the biggest companies in the world trust us to monitor the online environment. Not to snoop on anyone, it’s mainly so consumer brands can react to what their customers are saying even if the customer is not speaking to an official customer service channel.

Great examples of this are when brands jump into a Twitter conversation about their product and try to help out – especially if the conversation was negative and complaining about the product.

But we also monitor what people are saying about Teleperformance online too. We are really active on social media these days with many of our managers using Twitter and blogging too. Many people send messages to our team on social networks and we always try to engage, debate, and answer questions as they arrive.

And we rarely delete or censor anything. Our Facebook page is full of people praising the company, sharing great videos, and lots of other positive content. But now and then someone is offensive. Mostly we leave the offensive comments there because the community looks after them. That’s right, other users will often correct the offensive person themselves – we don’t always need to edit or censor our online presence.

But we do keep watching. We know what people are saying about our brand and if you are operating in any industry today that kind of information is essential for your success. How can you succeed if you don’t know what your customers really think about you? And they are out there saying it right now on the social networks.

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Photo by Thomas Tolkien licensed under Creative Commons

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