How did we promote a business before social media?

Social media is fast moving. What works today might not work tomorrow because trends shift so fast and new systems become available on a regular basis.

Who can remember how popular Bebo used to be in Europe? Or Orkut in Brazil? Or myspace just about everywhere? Myspace is trying to make a comeback as a music platform, but other music platforms have emerged and it’s likely they have missed the boat for any resurgence in popularity.

These were dominant platforms that ruled at one time and yet almost all have been pushed aside by the Facebook juggernaut, which continues to grow though a bit slower now most of the people who want Facebook already have it.

But think for a moment about the bigger picture. How far out do you plan your company strategy? Maybe it is just a year in advance – based on the budget cycle? Or maybe you differentiate between your branding, which can be planned years ahead, and your regular marketing, which is planned from quarter to quarter, and your customer service which might just be changed and improved on an ongoing basis.

If we are thinking about branding and why people are interested in your company then that strategy can be planned regardless of which social networking platform you are using to communicate with potential customers. There is no Facebook strategy, there is only a communications strategy and Facebook may well play a role within that – or whatever comes along five years from now and replaces Facebook as the dominant social networking platform. It may be Google+ or it may be that Facebook has evolved and remains the leader – nobody can predict where we will be.

Sometimes it is worth looking back to the near past to see how we planned our business life then. Look back just ten years and think about how you were working at that time. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter… none of these sites existed. But we still had to communicate and interact with our customers. If so much has changed in the past decade, can you just imagine where we will be a decade from now?

Myspace Tshurts


Photo by Egg licensed under Creative Commons

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