TP wins special recognition from Remploy Glasgow!

I’m delighted to announce that TPUK has received a Special Recognition Award at the Remploy Glasgow Branch Annual Awards earlier this month. This award recognises the outstanding work done by Teleperformance in Scotland to support employees and jobseekers with health conditions or disabilities.

Remploy Employment Services is the UKs leading providers of specialist employment support for disabled and disadvantaged people.

There is a perception that candidates with a disability or health condition will struggle to be successful in contact centre roles, but in Scotland the Teleperformance team have proved that this simply isn’t the case and the number of Remploy candidates who find sustainable employment within Teleperformance blows that myth out of the water.

I believe that Teleperformance has helped to break down many of these employment barriers and we try to offer as many opportunities for the Remploy candidates as we can.

After all, Teleperformance is a people company. We know that our success comes from the people who work in our teams to deliver outstanding customer experiences for our clients and their customers every day. It is important for us to support our local communities and to ensure that we provide people from all walks of life with the same exciting opportunities to learn, grow and achieve their goals and aspirations.

I am delighted that this has been recognised by Remploy. We invest time and resource to assisting Remploy with training initiatives and work together with them to ensure that our recruitment practices are fully inclusive. Our work with Remploy is indeed a true partnership, which continues to grow from strength to strength.

Glasgow from Queen's Park


Photo by Hugh Spicer licensed under Creative Commons

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