Getting customer service right

What can go wrong when trying to serve customers? It’s not an easy question to answer because customer service should be focused on helping and pleasing the customer. If that’s the aim, then what can go wrong?

A recent paper by industry analyst Forrester described how customer experience is responsible for loyalty by 55% of bank customers and 46% of retail customers. These figures are enormous – half of customers only stay loyal because of the customer service experience so getting it right is vital.

Mapping the customer journey is now essential because the relationship between brand and customer has become more complex. It is no longer just a purchase and then complaint.

Customers are asking for support more than ever, they are engaging in online dialogue, they are even complimenting and recommending your products.

The mapping process is now essential because the number of channels customers can use to interact with a brand has proliferated. Customer service is no longer just a call to the contact centre, it could be a letter or call, but now is more like to be an IM chat, email, or message on a public social network.

If you have not mapped the journey a customer takes from initially finding information to purchase to post-purchase support then how can you design the best possible customer experience?



Photo by Gigijin licensed under Creative Commons

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