Please help! Caledonian Challenge Hike in Scotland

I just wanted to add a quick blog about something the Teleperformance UK executive team are doing soon – The Caledonian Challenge hike in Scotland on June 15th. It’s a tough hike of 54 miles (86km) that has to be completed within 24 hours.

We are hiking to raise money for the Foundation Scotland charity and all for the memory of a TP colleague who sadly passed away in February this year.

We are 78% towards our planned fund-raising target as I write this – with 16 days to go. Please help by making a donation large or small. Every single small donation will help us to achieve the target and will make it even more worthwhile to spend all that time out braving the Scottish countryside.

All money raised will go to Foundation SCOTLAND.

Please click here to pledge a donation to the TP team. Anything is welcome – large or small all helps to passing that target amount!

Foundation Scotland awards grants which make a difference to the lives of local people. They are Scotland’s busiest private grant-maker, awarding over £6 million to over 700 charities and community groups across Scotland.

Foundation Scotland is a highly effective and efficient charity and there is a real need for what they do. Currently, around 91% of donations to the voluntary sector in Scotland goes to just 5% of registered charities. They aim to change this by working in partnership with philanthropic individuals, companies and charitable trusts. They have distributed over £18 million in grants to support voluntary groups and charities which may lack the means to raise funds for themselves.

Foundation Scotland fund projects that provide much needed services at a grassroots level, which enrich the quality of people’s lives and help them build stronger communities. They receive over 2,000 applications each year and are able to fund approximately one third of them. Typical grants range from £250 to £5,000 and go to a wide range of causes.

Caledonian Challenge

Caledonian Challenge photo by Family Jonesnow licensed under Creative Commons

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