What’s driving digital engagement?

The digital marketplace should be maturing by now. Consumers have been online since the mid-nineties and using social media since the mid-noughties, but it appears that many brands still don’t understand the kind of online experience their customer expects.

This new research by Brian Solis of Altimeter Group has some interesting observations on what customers expect and what brands are actually delivering. And the problem is that what customers ask for is sometimes not what you might expect.

This list is the top ten assumptions of social consumer expectations – if we align social media strategy to what customers are expecting from brands then it would appear that getting fresh new exclusive content is more important than customer service:

  1. Exclusive content
  2. Insight to make decisions (Moments of Truth)
  3. Customer service
  4. Be part of a community
  5. Deals/Promotions
  6. Learn about new products
  7. Ability to provide feedback for improvement (Influence Loop)
  8. Inclusive experience in social absent of websites
  9. Loyalty/Rewards for engagement
  10. Social commerce

This makes planning a social strategy difficult. Do the customers really know what they want or is the survey flawed?

The truth is that quite often we are not asking the right questions. Customers today expect engagement and information. It might just be the way this research was conducted that led to content being more important than service, but nonetheless, it is clear that content is important – and that customers have a very complex expectation of how you are going to deliver service to them in 2013.

Read the full Altimeter report here…

waiting for customers

Photo by Quite Peculiar licensed under Creative Commons

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