Going back to school with TP

Across the entire TP group we employ a lot of people, around 138,000 at the last count in 46 different countries. We aim to be an employer of choice in the locations where we operate and our TP University is just one of the ways we try to achieve this.

Our future leaders and upper management can all participate in the TP University, which is a customised higher education course that transmits culture while gathering and sharing our worldwide best practices and innovative projects in customer relationship and experience.

The course was created to develop our future leaders, while ensuring that all of our teams share the same values and perfectly understand our culture. The course is an immersion in our worldwide best practices and innovative projects in customer relationship and experience, in our company strategy and culture and in our company values.

TP University was created to train our business executives in the key subjects related to managing and understanding our core business, as well as to prepare them to implement major changes in their business, totally aligned with our strategic objectives.

The mentors for TP University include our global leaders, with specialists in each of these various subjects: Corporate Culture; Finance; Executive Leadership; Strategic Human Capital; Business Development; Corporate Citizenship; Business Transformation; Teleperformance Operating Processes and Standards, Innovation; and Safety and Quality Certifications.

TP University is more than just a nice thing to do. It’s now a critical part of our selection process for future leaders.

The hustle and bustle of Back to School


Photo by US Army Garrison Yongsan licensed under Creative Commons

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