Keep the customer satisfied

Customer management agency SMG recently surveyed 359,000 British consumers to gather information and insight into purchasing behaviour and found some startling insights related to customer service.

UK shoppers spend over 40% more when they receive a positive in-store experience, with help from the in-store staff rated as the quickest and easiest way to give them a positive impression of the store.

And the omnichannel is becoming a serious opportunity. Over half of under-18s always research products online before venturing to the High Street, compared to just 17% of the over-55s. Imagine how adult shopping behaviour will have changed just a decade from now when those teens are all young adults in their first or second home.

The SMG data showed that factors such as staff availability and friendliness are far more important than product variety or availability. It’s natural to imagine why. If a product the customer wants to buy is not available, but a friendly and knowledgeable member of staff offers to get hold of it within a day and to call as soon as it is ready to collect, it’s likely the sale will still go ahead. If a bored, sullen face just informs the customer they are ‘out of stock’ then the sale is lost – and so is the potential for a long-term relationship with that customer.

The SMG data was published in a recent article in The Guardian. Click here to read the complete article.

Men Shopping for Clothing Accessories


Photo by epSos licensed under Creative Commons

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