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Is social media now the fastest and most reliable way to complain?

If you want to complain about a product or service, how would you normally get in touch with the company that has caused you to complain? Call the customer contact number? Send an email detailing your complaint? A new survey … Continue reading

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Leading customer service from the top

How can you ensure that your customer service team always delivers great service? Of course you need to train the team and make sure they are empowered to look after the customer, but one of the most striking ways of … Continue reading

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When every gadget is online how will customer service change?

Have you read about the Internet of Things? Sometimes it is also called the Internet of Everything. It’s the theory that everything we know will soon be connected to the Internet. It’s not really so much of a theory these … Continue reading

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If the cost of borrowing increases, how will UK consumers cope?

This blog is by Frank Hammerton, the Business Development Director of Teleperformance Collections. The UK is experiencing a boom in consumer debt and increasing house prices. It sounds like we are back in the roaring noughties before the lines of … Continue reading

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The retailers strike back

We have often talked of the omnichannel on this blog, the merging of online sales and features – such as price comparison – with the experience of a real retail shop. I believe that there is the possibility for online … Continue reading

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Customer service or customer experience?

In a 2005 issue of the Harvard Management Update, James Allen, Barney Hamilton and Frederick F. Reichheld published the result of research by Bain & Company that said: Eighty per cent of companies believe they deliver a superior customer experience, while … Continue reading

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Wrong time, wrong place… would you ignore Mozart?

A few years ago the master violinist Joshua Bell took his violin into a busy Washington DC metro station and started playing. The busy commuters bustled past this supreme artist hurrying to get to where they were going. Almost nobody … Continue reading

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