Does your company have a social CEO?

LinkedIn has just published a new list of the top 30 CEOs using social media. What’s interesting about this new list is that it attempts to combine activity on networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter with blogging and how the social media engagement tool Klout ranks the CEO.

Most attempts to list online engagement by senior executives just look at quantitative measures, the Klout or Peerindex score they have achieved, and most people accept that these measures can be gamed – in particular by generating more activity even if that activity is not necessarily informative or interesting.

But by combining quantitative with qualitative measures – are those blogs any good – this new list should be better than what we have seen to date. Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin group comes in at number one, which is no surprise as he is very much a social CEO.

The list features many tech-related executives such as Marissa Mayer of Yahoo! and Dick Costelo of Twitter, but the heads of companies such as Manpower, GE, and Burberry are also there.

This shows that leaders from many different fields really do value their social profile – it’s not just the preserve of hi-tech companies from California. Our own CEO at Teleperformance UK, Alistair Niederer, is highly social on Twitter, on the Teleperformance UK blog, and even on the Huffington Post – one of the most widely read news sources in the world today!

It pays for people in our industry to be exploring how executives can be social because the customer service industry itself is now using these channels – it is important for anyone in this business to understand how it works. Sir Richard Branson manages to mix business with fun online – it’s time for every leader to start doing some following.

Sir Richard Branson and Virgin America make their Dallas debut


Photo by Cynthia Smoot licensed under Creative Commons

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