When every gadget is online how will customer service change?

Have you read about the Internet of Things? Sometimes it is also called the Internet of Everything. It’s the theory that everything we know will soon be connected to the Internet.

It’s not really so much of a theory these days. Can you imagine a decade ago that your TV would be online, or that your car could transmit data automatically to an engineer at the dealer? These are all standard now, in fact if you now want a new TV that does not connect to the Internet then it might be more difficult than finding one that is online-ready.

So if our TVs, washing machines, cars, fridges, and every other electronic device in the home are all hooking up to the Internet so they can download updated software and transmit their status to the manufacturer, how does that affect the customer service support for those products?

This Harvard Business Review writer believes that calls to Customer Service will decline in volume as many devices will be able to self-diagnose and fix problems we had to previously fix manually. However, the calls that are made will be much more complex so the customer service agents need to be experts in whatever product they are supporting.

What’s your opinion? Do you think that every electronic device is about to be self-supporting thanks to a wifi connection?

Teensy Fridge Controller

Photo by Paul licensed under Creative Commons

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