It’s Social Media Week 2013 #SMW13

This is social media week 2013, otherwise known as #SMW13 to those talking about it on Twitter. 10 cities around the world will be taking part, including London in the UK.

Social media week is all about connecting people and solving problems. Emerging technologies have changed how we communicate and how we engage with the world around us. One voice can now ripple to millions and we can now share our passions openly and across cultural and geographic boundaries.

At Teleperformance we have seen this change up close over the past few years. The use of social media has changed how customers relate to brands and retailers beyond all recognition. People no longer write a letter of complaint, they just tweet or write something on Facebook and brands are expected to respond even when messages are not specifically sent to them!

The same kind of change is happening everywhere. Social media is not just changing how customers complain; this tool is challenging tyranny, injustice and unethical behaviour all over the world. Groups are self-organising and taking positive action. Transparency, accountability, information sharing, and collaboration are accelerating progress to levels never before seen.

It’s no surprise that the unifying theme of social media week 2013 is ‘Open & Connected’. Consumers today are already open and connected and smart businesses are learning how to interact with them.

At TP UK we wish all the best to the organisers of #SMW13 and if any of our own team want to offer help to the organisers in their mission to expand to more cities then you can find more details here.

Social Media Week

Photo by Helle Rasmussen licensed under Creative Commons

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