Customer service starts at the top

An interesting comment on the Fox business pages outlines a belief that you can predict the success of a company based on the way their executive team behaves with their customers. This sounds like common sense, but how many companies have you ever worked at where the executives regularly spend time on the frontline of the business, working with the sales team or serving customers directly?

Bill Marriot, former CEO and heir to Marriot International, credits the famous hotel company’s service success to Marriot employees: “[We make] sure our associates are well cared for so they in turn take care of our customers.”

And this goes to the heart of treating customers well. Employees and executives alike won’t ever treat customers well if all they see when they go to work in the morning is just a job. If they are passionate and excited about your brand then they will naturally treat people well.

Hiring the customer team – and the executive team – with a focus on how excited they are about your products and services will pay off in the long term. Of course, skills are important, but if you build a service team based on certificates and education then what are the chances of them making an emotional connection with your customers?

Hiring new people to represent your brand should be more like an audition than an interview if you want to find those who are really passionate about your brand.

Follow The Leader!


Photo by Vinoth Chandar licensed under Creative Commons

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