Why are our service expectations so low?

According to new data from Which? only 3% of British consumers believe that customer service has dramatically improved in the last three years. 66% believe that there has been a dramatic decline in service.

Why do customers believe that the service they get is so bad and if they really feel this way then why tolerate it?

Travel Daily News believes that British customers are conditioned to expect poor service and so it is tolerated naturally. For example, over 70% are satisfied if we hear back from a brand within 24 hours of complaining about a product or service. is that good enough?

Of course it depends on the type of product and the type of service needed. A surgeon with a broken piece of surgical equipment mid-procedure needs knowledgeable support faster than someone who bought a budget printer and is not sure how to change the ink.

But the travel industry is an interesting area because customers really value their holidays. They need to book precious time off work so these are products that really mean something.

Travel Daily News is particularly critical of travel companies charging premium phone rates – penalising the customer who complains because they will be hit with a big bill. The upside of providing great service in this industry is clear – 86% of customers are more likely to book again following a good customer experience and 78% of online customers recommending a brand to friends and contacts.

If these are the results of great service then why would anyone in the travel industry offer poor customer service – it makes no commercial sense.

Travel beneath the Aurora


Photo by Moyan Brenn licensed under Creative Commons

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