30% of brands now offer Customer Service on Twitter

For the past couple of years, the executive team at Teleperformance UK has been blogging and tweeting. Our CEO Alistair Niederer now has over 1,000 people following his every tweet and analysts and customer service experts all over the world regularly mention these blogs. Alistair has even become a blogger in the Huffington Post because of his tweets on customer service.

It’s important for our team to be active online in this way. When our customers some to us and ask how we can improve their customer service function so it includes social media monitoring and engagement on networks such as Facebook or Twitter, we need to talk to them from a position of authority. It wouldn’t work for us to be proposing new service channels if none of the team ever used this technology themselves.

So I was interested to see an infographic recently published on Social Media Today that claimed over 30 per cent of major brands now offer customer service through Twitter.

There are some interesting statistics on this infographic and also a great summary of how customer service is changing and accommodating these new channels. Imagine if Sir Patrick Stewart called a regular call centre for help setting up his cable TV. Only the agent would ever know about the call. Now influencers like Sir Patrick can tweet their dissatisfaction with service levels to millions of followers – immediately.

But even normal people expect their voice to be heard online. On average, customers expect a social media query to be answered within an hour, but the average response rate for Facebook posts is now over 800 minutes!

Failure to answer the question quickly enough may in fact exacerbate the problem. There is a lot to focus on, but we have been living this technology for several years now, we are pretty comfortable online here.

If you are interested in learning more about our social media monitoring tools then click here for more information on our e-performance product.

Mark's Twitter Friends

Photo by Pong licensed under Creative Commons

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1 Response to 30% of brands now offer Customer Service on Twitter

  1. Jack Whittaker says:

    800 minutes seems a long time to wait for a response on Facebook – was that a typo?

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