Social Media in customer service isn’t just an opportunity – it’s happening already!

Call Centre Helper recently ran a story asking the question ‘What happened to multichannel customer service?’ The article focuses on the disconnect between support channels that many customers experience when seeking help or making a complaint.

And the central argument is right – there is often a break or lack of fluency between channels – but I would take issue with one of the central arguments in the article, that brands are still focusing their social media efforts on marketing rather than customer service:

“Social media is often used in marketing, yet not so much for customer service. The use of social media for customer service is still relatively new, but it offers a great opportunity for brands to be proactive in dealing with customer complaints, and it can also show potential customers that a brand is listening and willing to engage with its customers.”

At Teleperformance we know about both sides of this coin. Our marketing teams have been using Twitter and Facebook for at least the last couple of years to reach out to people with an interest in our business. We have over 100,000 ‘fans’ on our group Facebook page so it’s true that social media can be a great marketing tool.

But almost all our clients are now using social media as a way of supporting their customers and every time we go to see a new prospect, to talk to a potential client about what they want, social media is a requirement right from the start.

You can see right here on this blog that we have been exploring the omnichannel for almost two years and long before that we were asking our readers about the reinvention of customer care using social media.

Call Centre Helper is a great resource for information about the industry – we would love to give some of our predictions for 2014 and not be suggesting that social media is about to happen because it already did, a couple of years ago.

The new Flickr - Is there anybody out there?


Photo by Kevin Dooley licensed under Creative Commons

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