Customer service trends in 2014

It’s that time of the year again where everyone is thinking about what will happen in 2014. What are the important trends going to be and what do executives involved in customer service need to be thinking about?

At the start of this year we said that the Omnichannel was going to be the place to focus for 2013. I think we called that one right, but it’s going to continue as one of the key trends for 2014. Much of the underlying infrastructure that prevents retailers from truly embracing multichannel support for their customers is complex and takes a long time to change – this one is going to run and run.

But another key trend I see changing the market is the demand for support to be offered direct from mobile devices. People are shopping from their phone or iPad more and more and this doesn’t always lend itself to calling for support – people want a quick question answered via IM or a tweet when they are still just thinking about a purchase.

This connects back to the omnichannel and the need to be offering a very high level of service across multiple channels, but when such fundamental social shifts are taking place as we are seeing in the use of mobile devices right now, it would be foolish to ignore how this is also going to change the way customer services are delivered both before and after a purchase.

I’m going to publish a full list of my own predictions for contact centres and the customer service function in 2014 once we get closer to the New Year, but I’d love to hear your ideas now – what do you think should be on the list?

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Happy new year


Photo by Amodiovalerio Verde licensed under Creative Commons

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