The last mile of customer service

Forbes magazine recently published an interesting feature on what they call the ‘last mile of customer service.’ The article focuses on the delivery process and how poor this can often be.

It’s an area worth exploring. Think how much your organisation spends on marketing, reaching out to new customers, retaining the existing customers, and developing great new innovative products. But how much attention is paid to the experience of actually getting something delivered?

Quite often delivery can be a nightmare. Courier companies have a strange belief that people are quite happy to sit at home all day waiting for a delivery to arrive and the customer should feel grateful if delivery in the morning or afternoon can be specified.

Some markets cracked this problem many years ago. In Japan, consumers have been used to deliveries timed within one hour or even 30 minute blocks for many years and Japanese stores such as 7-11 also pioneered the idea of delivery to a local branch (even products from another store) for later collection a long time before it was discussed as a part of the omnichannel discussion.

There is a lot of field technology utilising systems such as GPS that can improve the delivery experience and I want to write an additional blog that focuses on some of these possibilities, but first I want to see if you have any recollections of delivery nightmares yourself.

Leave a comment here on the blog or tweet me on @matt_sims1 and I’ll collect some of them together for the blog on how I think some of these processes can be improved.



Photo by Jesyka licensed under Creative Commons

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