And so 2014 is almost with us…

I recently asked you – the blog readers – for your ideas on trends we might see in the industry in 2014. I have seen a few great ideas on Twitter and I’m grateful to everyone who has been sharing a link to my earlier blog – please continue to share it so we can get even more ideas.

I was in South Africa last week at an event hosted by BPeSA, the organisation that represents our industry in South Africa. I was asked for my own views on what will be the number one trend to watch for in 2014 and you can hear my comments on this audio recording here…

This is an excerpt of what I said in the interview: “There has been a shift in the last nine to twelve months, where I have found that a lot of our clients – and the industry generally – have decided to rely more on their partners for customer experience transformation.”

I’m quoting myself, which may seem a bit odd, but I haven’t heard this mentioned in the general customer service discussions online – yet. But I can see it happening in our business and I believe it will be an important trend next year.

In my opinion it is only to be expected. A decade ago it was possible for a company to consider a captive contact centre. They just needed some basic systems to handle voice calls and the agents – at least to get going anyway. And doing it yourself was seen as cheaper than outsourcing.

Now we are operating in a global 24/7 multichannel world where customers expect service on dozens of channels – it’s tough to try setting that up internally so it seems sensible that those who are still working with an internal customer service function would be looking to a company like Teleperformance to design the transformation strategy and then to run the centre.

It would be great to hear if you agree on this or have a conflicting opinion – if you don’t agree then why not? Send me a tweet here @aniederer or leave a comment on this blog.

Cape Town
Photo by eGuide Travel licensed under Creative Commons
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