Next on top for retail customer service

New research from IMGROUP has named retail chain Next as the best UK high street retailer for their use of social media beating other companies such as Argos, John Lewis, and M&S.

Next managed to respond to 92% of enquires of customer posts on their Facebook page with an average response time of 28 minutes. Seven out of ten of the top UK retailers all use Twitter as well – monitoring what people are saying about the brands and responding using the same channel.

Speaking to Marketing magazine Martin Philpott, head of retail at IMGROUP said: “In the battle to compete with online giants such as Asos and Amazon, bricks and mortar retailers are increasingly harnessing the power of social media as a means to actively engage with their customers, increasingly exploring newer channels like Pinterest.”

He added: “The next step for retailers is to make use of the information consumers share on social media sites to achieve a better understanding of behaviour and buying patterns, enabling them to interact with their customers in a much more seamless, targeted and engaging way.”

As Philpott suggests, Big Data is going to be the next step. It’s one thing to offer great support across a number of channels, but if you can do something with all the information you have on those customers then the support process can be even better and there are many more opportunities to turn enquiries or complaints into new sales.


Photo by Funkyah licensed under Creative Commons

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