More great customer service views for 2014

We recently issued a call for opinions on customer service in 2014 and some comments are arriving on my Twitter, but I recently noticed this great audio interview online with Stephen Loynd.

Stephen is the global program manager for customer contact at analyst firm Frost & Sullivan. In this one-minute interview he outlines what he sees as the most important customer service topic to watch in 2014:

“We are writing a lot about the move to the omnichannel. Integrating everything from mobility to social media and trying to get all channels integrated, getting a more cohesive multichannel experience for the customer. There are many different angles related to this but we have about a dozen analysts just looking at this alone.”

The move to multichannel customer service is an area where Teleperformance has been working for a number of years now. Our blog has referred to this many times and we are already delivering these solutions for clients right now so we have practical experience in the field.

But it is an area that is changing fast and crosses a number of boundaries. With customer communications taking place so transparently, this also crosses into the area of marketing too – how many times have you seen great customer service examples shared with friends?

So here at Teleperformance we would certainly agree with Stephen… multichannel service is going to be one of the big trends in 2014. Now what else do you think should be on our list of trends to watch for next year?

Tweet me on @matt_sims1 with your ideas or just leave a comment on the blog.

Golden Gate Bridge -- San Francisco

Photo by David Yu licensed under Creative Commons

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