Social Customer Service is redefining #custexp

Martin Hill-Wilson’s and Carolyn Wilsons new book ‘Delivering Effective Social Customer Service: How to Redefine the Way You Manage Customer Experience and Your Corporate Reputation’ sounds fascinating. It is entirely focused on how to work with customers in an age where the omnichannel is normal.

Customers today are more impatient than ever – they expect service quickly and they all have smart phones. People are ready to complain about anything they perceive as a service failure and they have the tools available to do so. I saw a friend recently mention that his plane was stuck at the Heathrow gate, unable to depart for some reason. He had all the information about the delay a full half an hour before there was any on-board announcement telling passengers on the plane what was wrong.

This is a perfect example. Hundreds of socially enabled customers can already have their complaints filed with Twitter and Facebook before the situation is even resolved.

And this engagement cannot be ignored. Your brand will be battered in public if you ignore social media enquiries – it’s an essential channel to manage today. But handling customers in public, openly, on forums where everyone can see every interaction is very different to the voice-based approach.

Books like this help you to explore the main issues and plan the competences you are going to need if you want to create a customer service function that will be social – and will work!

social media


Photo by Sean MacEntee licensed under Creative Commons

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