EIU: Companies adopt new strategies to enhance customer experience

Since when did your customer service function drive the entire strategy of your business? Well, if you are not already focusing your attention on the experience your customers have when interacting with your brand then it’s time to get focused.

According to a new survey published by the Economist Intelligence Unit, 89% of companies that define themselves as “high-performing” are trying to take action, by letting their customers lead their business. 27% of all companies agree that they need to improve customer loyalty.

40% of companies in the survey suggested that there is a lack of clarity about how the customer-led economy will change their business in future. This often makes it difficult to launch customer-led initiatives – if you can’t convince the CEO that new measures have a good Return on Investment (ROI) then they might never be adopted.

Over half (51%) of companies are still relying on their website as their main communication tool, with 40% mainly relying on email and only 23% using social media. Only 10% of companies now focus on mobile apps as the main way to communicate with customers, but 43% said that they expect this to change within the next three years.

It’s important to note this time frame. Just look back at how customer service has changed in the past three years – there was no concept of social customer service a few years ago. Company leaders are suggesting that three years from now, social media will be the main channel for reaching customers. That’s a complete change of focus on customer service channels in under a decade.

Do you agree? Tweet me your opinion on @aniederer and let me know if you think that social media is about to become the primary channel for customer interaction.

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