Ask the experts: What is the key to great customer service?

A week ago, The Sunday Telegraph, published a guide to achieving excellence in customer service featuring a panel of industry experts. I thought it might be worth extracting the key points that struck me as I read the article:

Joshua March, CEO Conversocial

“Today, almost all companies recognise that social media is a key part of the multi-channel customer journey; however, many are not delivering the level of service customers expect – 42 per cent of consumers complaining on social media expect a 60-minute response time.”

Susan Oakes, Head of customer services, Dignity

“Allowing advisers to make decisions and encouraging them to go that extra mile in order to problem solve leads to empowered “thinking performers” who seek continuous improvement and strive to exceed customer expectation on every single call.”

Charlotte Moran, Operations Director, Aviva UK Direct

“We don’t have targets – instead we focus on delivering what the customer is asking from us. If we concentrate on this, then we believe that results will come naturally.“

Matthew Vallance, CEO HGS Europe

“Great customer service is about alignment and connectedness. Think how powerful it is when you have a service encounter where you feel the other person really gets you – they understand you, and your concern.”

Richard Farrell, CTO, Netcall

“A customer for life is no longer a given, loyalty now needs to be earned and maintained.”

To read the complete article with more comprehensive comments from each of these experts, just follow this link.

Winter BItes Back
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