Content marketing – a book’s worth of blogs!

We started this blog about two and a half years ago. It was aimed at giving our team a way of talking about their expertise, so we could create some online discussion based on the blog topics.

Now we have 317 individual posts on the blog – at the last count – and if they average about 250 words per post then that’s almost 80,000 words of content. Think about that – that’s a pretty good size novel really because books average around 250 words per page so if we printed and formatted everything on this blog it would be a book of around 400 pages long. That sounds more like two books!

We have found the blog a really useful way to spark off discussions even though most online debate takes place inside social networks now – a blog might lead to discussion on Twitter for example. What is interesting now though is how seriously many companies are taking content as a marketing device.

Take a look at this Google Trends graph for Content Marketing. Interest in this kind of marketing has quadrupled in the time since we started this blog. It seems that every organisation is now exploring how they can talk about what they are doing by creating some kind of content – often blogs.

It’s nice to see that many other companies are copying a strategy we adopted several years ago. Now that we have all this content perhaps we should pick out the best contributions from the past couple of years and then publish them inside a real book – what do you think?

Photo by Jenn Calder licensed under Creative Commons

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