Improving your customer service at Christmas

Christmas is a challenging time for anyone involved in the customer service function of an organisation. More people are trying to find information on products, comparing prices, striking deals, and then making all those calls or sending emails after products are purchased and support is required.

There is nothing that can be done to avoid the Christmas rush, but there are some key areas where you can look at your customer service function and make life easier by changing just a few aspects of what you are already doing:

  • Hours; if you are not operating a 24/7 service already then can the hours be extended so you can spread the load through a longer day and give customers more time to interact with your team?
  • Team; Can you scale up the team for this particularly busy period? If you are working with a partner to provide your customer service function then this is almost certainly possible, but even if your team are internal, can you get some extra help on board temporarily?
  • Channels; make sure you stay in control of the various channels. Customers are not always calling for help today, they might be posting comments on your Facebook or Twitter instead – ensure someone on the team is listening and analysing the social channels.
  • Planning; look back at last year and create an action plan based on how things went then – you have the experience so it should be possible to plan ahead.

Photo by Christina Rutz licensed under Creative Commons

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