Some of the challenges of social media

Call Centre Focus recently featured a great infographic that highlights seven challenges for organisations using social media as a part of their customer service strategy. Which now probably includes almost any brand – unless they are not paying attention to what their customers are saying online.

You can click here to see the complete graphic and original article, but the areas covered as challenges are:

  • Legacy; you might have invested a lot of money in the existing systems so can you afford to scrap it all because customers prefer contacting your company via the facebook page?
  • Expense of integration; connecting social to existing channels is not easy, can you afford to properly integrate these new channels?
  • How to integrate social media; exactly how will that work? Are they just new channels or completely integrated into an omnichannel?
  • Scaling up; what happens when most customers are interacting via social channels?
  • Getting your team to buy-in; how can you get your team to support this new strategy when it goes against everything done before?
  • Measuring performance; you don’t measure social outcomes in the same way as calls so how can you know it is working?
  • Skills; your team will need many new skills to handle these new challenges – can you get people ready quickly enough?

These are some great thoughts on the pitfalls of social media. Of course it helps to work with a partner that is already managing social media for other clients, but if you have tried adding a social dimension to your customer service, what were the biggest challenges you faced?

Photo by Mehrad HM licensed under Creative Commons

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