How to improve customer satisfaction

Keep the customer happy, the customer is always right… these mantras are well worn in the customer service business and mostly they are right, although the customer is certainly not always right. But I liked a recent feature in Call Centre Helper where they published 24 fast ways to improve customer satisfaction.

You can read the entire list of 24 tips by clicking on the link above, but here is my top 5 from the list:

  1. Put the customer at the heart of your decision; Put the customer at the heart of your decision and take a balanced approach. Be focused on problem solving, not on the process.
  2. Throw away the scripts; We have found that scrapping the script has had a huge positive impact, treating the customer as the individual that they are – talking to them like a fellow human being has seen us receive feedback for being friendly and approachable and is bringing people back time and again.
  3. Treat the customer as you would a friend or business partner; Take care of the customer end to end.  Treat them as you would a friend or business partner. Do not get stressed about KPIs such as AHT, only get stressed, if necessary, about the impression you leave in customers’ minds.
  4. Share experiences through the company; My tip is for constant feedback throughout the complete customer service organisation.  Every employee is listened to, and experiences are shared throughout the company to improve processes.
  5. Show that you care; Understand your customer’s business and show that you care when users are facing an issue.  Act with sympathy as well as fast and understandable solutions.

Do you have any other quick tips that are similar to these? If you add any comments on the blog here, I’ll post the comments on Call Centre Helper too!

Photo by Marta Colpani licensed under Creative Commons

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