Those persistent myths about outsourcing

Real Business featured a great article recently in which they described and debunked some of the myths about outsourcing a customer service function. You can read the full article here, but my comments on the five key points are:

  1. Language will be a hurdle; this is not even an issue – we operate in 46 countries so you can work with the team closest to you.
  2. Quality will be compromised; we work with other great companies and to the highest measurable service levels.
  3. We will spend all our time training the supplier; companies like Teleperformance work with the biggest and the best organisations in the world so we know how to deliver great service.
  4. I have no control over a supplier; we would think of the relationship as more of a partner anyway so control is not the problem.
  5. We will need to pay enormous setup fees; fees depend on each project, but with many technology services now available in the cloud it’s often possible to pay only for what is used.

Many of these myths sound more like the myths that have grown over time in the IT outsourcing environment. Customer service is an important and intimate function – a company will work with a partner like Teleperformance and trust our team to operate in their name.

I think of it more like redrawing the boundary of the organisation. Instead of a client and supplier, it’s more like an expert in customer service coming into your organisation and helping from the inside – and we have worked this way with many organisations over a long time.

Now that doesn’t sound quite so scary as all those outsourcing myths does it?

Photo by Marta Colpani licensed under Creative Commons

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