Customer service heroes

It’s not often that a major national newspaper like The Daily Telegraph will publish a big feature written by a male model – in fact, by any model, but supermodel David Gandy recently penned a feature that explored his life on the road travelling from one catwalk to another.

What was interesting about Gandy’s observation wasn’t that he focused on the celebrity lifestyle of a supermodel, he analysed how the thing that connects all his flights, hotels, taxis, shops, and restaurants is always customer service.

If you take a look at his article, he has compared different airlines and dismissed formal loyalty schemes, suggesting that he prefers one to another just because of the people who work there.

The builders working on his house have become personal friends over time because they have become close during the project.

He pays more for his electricity than is strictly required because he enjoys the level of service offered.

David Gandy might not be the first person you think of as a customer service expert, but in one single column he has captured the essence of what it means to deliver great service. It’s the difference between a customer staying with you for life or not.

He also has some great ideas for retail. Clothing is something is done best in person, in a store, and if more stores offered a better, more knowledgeable service then they could attract some very loyal customers.

Respect and loyalty are overlooked too often in the customer relationship. Hopefully we will start seeing an increased focus on customer service in the major business pages – I’m right here if an editor wants my comment! 

David Gandy outside Oliver Spencer show, London Collections: Men SS 2014, Day 2, 17 June 2013, Old Sorting Office, Bloomsbury, London


Photo by My Soul Insurance licensed under Creative Commons

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