What’s ahead for B2B in 2014?

Writing in the Retail Customer Experience blog, Mike Wittenstein, recently suggested his five key predictions for customer experience in 2014.

One of his points was that the experience of B2B customers will start being influenced by what B2C customers are used to. In the article he said:

“B2B brands will increasingly realize that their customers are people not businesses. They’ll adopt some proven B2C practices such as focusing personalization technology as a way to anticipate their customers needs. Bonus–they will also benefit in the same ways that B2C companies do by lowering costs and improving service experiences at the same time.”

This is clearly not going to change overnight. The consumer of Coca Cola has a different relationship with that brand compared to the CIO commissioning some software development from an IT firm.

But expectations really are blurring. We have seen this process take place over the past couple of years at Teleperformance and this blog is a part of that entire process.

Even when a service is being sold from one company to another, rather than to the end consumer, there is a manager involved in selling the service and another involved in buying it. Real people are making these purchasing decisions and they now want more information about the people they are buying from.

Our blog allows us to show that our managers really know and think about the industry they operate within and many of them have their own Twitter accounts allowing direct contact with senior executives.

B2B services are no longer just sold on price or reputation, customers want to know about the people behind the services and demonstrating that you understand your business is a great way to start that process.

Coca Cola
Photo by Gerard Stolk licensed under Creative Commons

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