Three #custserv lessons from the restaurant business

This blog on the Open Forum features a really interesting three-point guideline to customer experience based on the restaurant industry.

The food and restaurant business is a good place to look for advice in customer service because it is an important part of the overall dining experience. An average meal can become special in a nice location with fantastic service, but great food can be entirely ruined by poor service.

In fact, the restaurant business operates in a far more experiential way than many would initially think. If you go to a store and buy a TV, even if you receive poor service from the people in the store, at least you still have a great new TV when you get home. If the same happens when going out to a restaurant for a birthday or anniversary then the memory of that entire life event can be ruined and good restaurant managers are aware of this.

The three areas to focus on, based on the restaurant business are:

  1. Focus on the return-of-customer not return-on-investment.
  2. Hire great people.
  3. Focus on consistency.

It’s easy to see how these three areas of focus are vital for those in the restaurant business, but often forgotten in other industries. Any organisation that wants to ensure a fantastic customer experience every time could learn a lot by taking these three maxims to the heart of their service offering.

At the pub
Photo by Tambako licensed under Creative Commons

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