You must be able to answer these two #custserv questions

Shep Hyken’s blog is always full of great advice on customer service and experience and one of his recent posts featured a great two step lesson in introspection for brands that want to improve their customer experience. He advised asking these two simple questions:

  • What three things do you do best that differentiates you from your competitors?
  • What three things do you want your customers to say about you when they walk away?

Taking both these questions in turn allows a brand to focus on doing what it does best and making customers feel great about doing business with you.

Of course, a generic answer to either of these questions does not work because any company could say that ‘we provide great service’ – it’s not a differentiator. If you think hard for some actual concrete examples of why you are different to the competition and then what you want customers to think about their experience with you then it becomes possible to plan backwards.

How should your customer service function be organised to create a situation where customers are telling their friends that they just received great service from your team, or they love working with your brand because they can always rely on you?

These are just two simple questions, but the effect of considering what you would like the answers to be and then working that back to the kind of customer service you need can be quite profound.

Flip Flops on the River


Photo by Trey Ratcliff licensed under Creative Commons

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