How are you creating an attachment to your customers?

These days it can be tough for a business to stand out. Competition is global and customers have high expectations. If your strategy includes the desire to use customer service as a way of standing out from your competitors then you really need to think hard about how that can be managed.

This article in the Financial Post highlights the example of a US-based bank employee who drove around the local neighbourhood after a storm had ravaged the town. When he noticed a tree close to falling on the home of a customer – and knowing that the customer was out of town – he arranged to fix the problem with a tree surgeon himself.

This sounds like an extreme example and it’s not realistic for your team to be out watching over the homes of your customers in case it is possible to prevent storm damage or a burglary, but the attitude is what is important.

If you can teach your team that making the customer happy and giving them a great experience is the most important thing they can do each day then examples of the team going beyond what is expected are likely to appear – because people will start considering it natural to look after the customers however is needed.

Research in the Harvard Business Review suggests that customers who are engaged emotionally with a brand are three times more likely to recommend that brand to their friends. What is your team doing to create this kind of emotional attachment with your customers?

Berry Hard Work Setup (3/11)


Photo by JD Hancock licensed under Creative Commons

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