Can companies still get away with the bare minimum #custserv?

A fascinating thing about the way customer service is emerging at present is how the marketing function in many companies is either getting closer to or becoming a part of customer service. Brands have finally found that the people who manage the relationship with their customers are also in a good position to help promote the brand.

Of course this has been accelerated in recent years by the growth of social networking. Everyone can be a publisher today with blogs, Facebook, and Twitter, but also more specialised review sites such as Tripadvisor. Every customer has a way of making their voice heard so their experience is more critical than ever before.

I was thinking about this change in the approach to customer experience when I saw Micah Solomon’s latest customer experience blog in Forbes. He is asking why so many companies still adopt the attitude that they can get away with just providing the bare minimum level of service because that is how customer service has always operated in the past.

I can understand his point, but he has presented this as an active trend that is being openly discussed by customer service executives he is talking to. Micah is not arguing that this is a good thing – he agrees with me that companies should not be taking this approach – but I have not seen a scaling back to ‘just good enough’ as an active trend on this side of the Atlantic ocean.

Customers are demanding more and the way companies handle their enquiries is starting to define how people see those organisations far more than advertising or traditional marketing. I believe that ‘just good enough’ will not develop into a big trend for the year ahead, but what do you think?

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