Teleperformance had a great 2013!

Our group CEO announced our financial results today for the full year of 2013 and I’m pleased to say that the company achieved record revenue numbers.

Teleperformance enjoyed like-for-like revenues growth of +7.9%, above our original target and our EBITA margin raised to 9.3%, before non-recurring items, in line with the existing guidance.

This good performance was primarily driven by growth in the United States and increasing demand in a large number of markets in our Ibero-LATAM region, especially Mexico, Colombia and Portugal. We also saw positive developments in Continental Europe, Middle East and Africa as well.

From an overall business management perspective, the health of our group balance sheet tangibly shows our people, client, and innovation strategies are working and providing a clear competitive differentiation for us. Teleperformance is well positioned across all of our core services and our markets are positively responding to our capabilities and solutions. In short, we intend to use our strong momentum to continue leading the path of the entire industry and to optimise our own potential.

I am also happy to tell you that the group expects to deliver another year of strong growth in 2014 – our team here in the UK is already working hard to improve on last year and I’m sure every other region is doing the same!

These were fantastic results for the entire company and I’d like to thank everyone on my own team in the UK and in South Africa who helped to contribute to the group results. You can read the complete details of our results, including comment from our group CEO, Paulo César Salles Vasques, in the Wall Street Journal here.

Fourth on Lake Austin


Photo by Trey Ratcliff licensed under Creative Commons

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