Teleperformance UK wins Infinity CCS’s Contact Centre QA competition

Recently we won the Infinity CCS “Be The Best” Contact Centre QA Competition.

The competition – designed to recognise excellence and innovation in contact centre QA – was judged by three prominent figures from the contact centre industry: Jonty Pearce of, Ann-Marie Stagg from the CCMA (Call Centre Management Association), and Carl Adkins, Founder of Infinity CCS.

The prize was a Merida pro road-racing bike worth £1,500. We are going to arrange an internal raffle so that someone on our team wins the bike and all of the money raised from the raffle goes to supporting one of the community organisations we support.

It’s a great prize to win for us because we take QA so seriously. Teleperformance has made QA an absolute priority for a number of years, and we have taken a great many steps to put in place robust processes on which all our clients rely.

This has become even more important with the inclusion of social media as a customer support channel. As any number of high profile companies have found out to their cost, social media conversations are public and all it takes to get bad press is for a single agent to make one misjudged comment.

We designed a tool that allows agents to interact directly with customers on Facebook and Twitter, but which also had built into it from day one a system of checks and balances. It brings Teleperformance UK’s clients all the benefits of social media interaction – immediacy, speed and efficiency – while eliminating, as far as possible, the pitfalls.

In addition to the bike, we also won the right to use up to £20,000 worth of Infinity CCS’s specialist QA software for contact centres – including some very useful tools for maintaining consistency across channels.

Thank you to all the judges for this award and especially to Infinity CCS for arranging the award and the fantastic prizes. Most of all, thank you to the team at Teleperformance UK who keep on being recognised for not only delivering consistently, but also exploring the future and creating these innovations that always keep us one step ahead of the market.

spring merida marathon 08

Photo by TC licensed under Creative Commons

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