Should you be exploring Whatsapp for #custserv?

So now your multichannel customer service strategy allows customers to tweet, to post messages on Facebook, as well as calling or emailing. What could possibly be next?

How about supporting Whatsapp?

Before you reply that this is just a text application that was recently bought by Facebook – it’s not a social network in it’s own right – think again.

Whatsapp has almost half a billion users now – twice as many users as Twitter. They are not using text messages on their phones today because they don’t want to pay their phone company the usual SMS charges and besides, Whatsapp allows phone messages to include photos and video too.

The Guardian recently featured an article exploring how Whatsapp is going to be the consumer support network of the future. In their feature, The Guardian identified several additional reasons why Whatsapp is going to become really important for customer service:

  • It’s possible to have private conversations easily, rather than openly tweeting for all to see
  • It’s possible to use a tool like this for in-store promotions, blending online service with the in-store experience.
  • This is a network designed to be used only from phones – it is where younger people will be even if they eventually turn away from Facebook and Twitter.

The recent comment about Whatsapp has all focused on the price Facebook paid. Perhaps more brands should be exploring how it could be the next major part of a multichannel support strategy?

Photo by Luis licensed under Creative Commons

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